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March 6, 2013 / Mettā Reiki Center

Ali’s Legwarmers

When Ali started crawling, a friend recommended trying “BabyLegs” to keep her knees from getting raw on the carpet – I had seen them on some of the other babies in the NICU and thought the idea was pure genius. Being able to keep your baby in a onesie, and not having to fuss with pants during diaper changes while still keeping baby’s legs warm? Where do I sign?!?

A NICU mom gave me the website:


They have an adorable selection…but at $9-12/pair, they were a little pricey for my budget. So off to Pinterest I went.

I found an idea there that used knee high socks, so I gave it a try. They suggested kid size knee high socks for newborns, and adult sized for toddlers.

Target clearance rack, here I come!

There was some sewing in the instructions as well, so I grabbed a sewing kit.


The first step was to cut the feet out of the socks as evenly as possible.


Then, turn your leg-warmer-to-be inside out and fold the cut end over slightly to sew the edge. That way it looks all neat when you’re done.


I learned 3 things here:

1. Hand sewing is a pain in the ass.

2. Babies don’t care if the ends are neat- they wash the same, and regular socks don’t fray in the wash.

Last, but not least:


So I decided to try just cutting out the feet, laundering them, and trying them on baby. Guess what? It worked. So I was able to protect her knees on the cheap, and get some pretty darn cute outfits from the deal.





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